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Real Estate Sales - In-person Evaluation
Real Estate Sales - In-person Evaluation

An AboutFace Evaluator will visit your location to conduct your evaluation. At AboutFace we are committed to completing your evaluation within 30 days; however, we strive for 15 days or less.

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If you would like this evaluation to recur on a monthly or quarterly basis, please note your recurring schedule upon checkout and complete our credit card authorization form by clicking the link below. You will be directed to another site. Once you have completed the form, it will be sent direct to our finance department.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Our Price: $150.00 per evaluation

Company Website Information


Website Name:

Community/Location Details





Zip Code*:


Phone number of the community office.

Closest Major City:

Closest major city to community.

Price Range:

Price range (low to high) of new homes in this community.

Type of Community:

Please choose type of housing offered.

Model Homes:

Are there any model homes onsite?

No. of Shoppers

Choose one evaluator posing as a single buyer or two evaluators posing as a couple.

When to Shop


Format: MM/DD/YYYY. Date shopping should start.
The earliest date you may enter here is tomorrow's date.
End Date is 30 days from Start Date.

Targeted Score


TARGETED SCORE: A "Targeted Score" is the score at which, or below, an automatic re-evaluation is scheduled. This is an optional service that allows you to set score, at or below which, you want the location to be evaluated again. Any evaluation that scores less than the score you set here will be performed again within 14 days at your expense.

Special Considerations

In HI, AK or NV?*:

In HI, AK and NV, the law requires shops to be performed by private investigation firms. Any shops performed either of these states are subject to an additional charge of $70.00.

Salesperson Information

Target Salesperson?:

SALESPERSON SPECIFIC: If you want a specific salesperson evaluated during this evaluation, please fill in that salesperson's information below, including any identifying internal ID, name and details about his/her work schedule and upcoming vacation days. Salesperson specific evaluations incur an extra fee of $60 due to the extra planning and effort on the part of the evaluator.

ID or No.:

Unique ID number for this salesperson.


First and last name of the salesperson to be evaluated in this shop.

Appointment Required?:

Is an appointment required to meet with this salesperson?

Mon Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Mondays.

Tue Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Tuesdays.

Wed Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Wednesdays.

Thu Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Thursdays.

Fri Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Fridays.

Sat Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Saturdays.

Sun Hours:

Work hours for this salesperson on Sundays.

Vacation Dates:

Please list any vacation dates for this salesperson within the next 30 days.

Special Considerations

Go Back Fee*:
I agree to the "Go-Back Fee" policy as stated above.

NOTICE: A Go-Back Fee is accessed when an evaluator visits your location during the agreed upon evaluation schedule and no staff member is present to evaluate at that time. The evaluator will be sent back to the location until he/she is able to perform the evaluation at your expense in the amount of $40 per evaluation. You will not be charged until this is needed.

Audio Shop:
Audio Record this Shop? [Add $100.00]
NOTICE: Audio evaluations require extra time, equipment and manpower to schedule and perform. For those reasons, there is an additional charge of $100 per evaluation for audio, and an audio evaluation order requires 45 days to complete.

Rush Service

Shop occurs within 10 business days [Add $50.00]

Include Customization?:

CUSTOMIZATION: Allows you to create up to five yes/no questions to be added to your evaluation form, giving you the ability to customize the evaluation process to suit your business. These questions are not scored.
Each custom question added to your evaluation costs $2.00.

Q 1:

Enter your first Yes/No custom question here.

Q 2:

Enter your second Yes/No custom question here.

Q 3:

Enter your third Yes/No custom question here.

Q 4:

Enter your fourth Yes/No custom question here.

Q 5:

Enter your fifth Yes/No custom question here.

Social Media Links

Social Media:
Add Facebook, Yelp and Instagram [Add $15.00]
SOCIAL MEDIA:If you would like to add your social media links for testing, please check here and enter the details for each link.

An AboutFace Evaluator will visit the company's social media sites to evaluate response time, knowledge, appropriateness of response, and follow up. Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram are included in this fee. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are an extra $5 each.


Facebook is included in the fee.


Instagram is included in the fee.


Yelp is included in the fee.


Add LinkedIn for $5.00 more.


Add Twitter for $5.00 more.


Add YouTube for $5.00 more.

License Agreement

By checking this box, I agree to the Secret Shopping On-Demand License Agreement.

Real Estate Sales - In-Person