World's Premier Secret Shopping Company

We have never been a generic, non-descript organization; although at one point, we did have a generic name. We have always set the standard, making others take notice and rise to the occasion.

In late 2005, The Secret Shopper Company became AboutFaceConsulting Corporation.

On October 26, 1994, Paige Hall-Hartsfield, CEO, founded the company. Here is what she remembers about the vision of the organization.

"I remember sitting in my basement apartment envisioning a company where leaders could take a look at who they were for those they served. The first thing I wanted to ensure was that this process was performed in a nurturing way where people felt supported by the information and what it could do for them.

At the time, no one using mystery shopping services knew exactly how to use it in the most effective, proactive and positive way. Because I was a professional Training Director at the time, my focus was on getting people to develop strong habits, rather than on just providing information. This is a key service distinction:

Enhance the performance and profitability of our clients in a specific, measurable and profound way.

As the years have passed, I have realized the impact and power these programs have to help companies and their teams reinforce training and reach their full potential. I have seen amazing and exciting results."

Two decades later, AboutFace™ is the industry leader in improvement programs.

AboutFace™enters its third decade with a sterling reputation. Part of the reason can be attributed to its motto: Enlighten, Educate, Motivate, Reward. These are not just words to Paige Hall-Hartsfield; their meaning permeates every part of AboutFace corporate culture. With its uncompromising standards, inventive methods and emphasis on quality, AboutFace™ looks back on the past with pride of accomplishment and forward to the future with eagerness and optimism.

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