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Casual Dining Evaluation
Casual Dining Evaluation

An AboutFace Evaluator will visit your location to conduct your evaluation. At AboutFace we are committed to completing your evaluation within 30 days; however, we strive for 15 days or less.

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If you would like this evaluation to recur on a monthly or quarterly basis, please note your recurring schedule upon checkout and complete our credit card authorization form by clicking the link below. You will be directed to another site. Once you have completed the form, it will be sent direct to our finance department.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Our Price: $95.00 per evaluation + evaluator meal

Company Website Information


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Location Information

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Type of Shop

Meal Timeframe: Breakfast 7 am - 11 am, Lunch 11 am - 3 pm, Dinner 4 pm - 9 pm, and Late night 9 pm - 11:30 pm.

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When to Shop


Format: MM/DD/YYYY. Date shopping should start.
The earliest date you may enter here is tomorrow's date.
End Date is 30 days from Start Date.

Shopper Expenses


Please list the items you would like the evaluator to order at your restaurant, and choose your total reimbursement amount and tip below.

Reimbursement Amount*:


NOTICE: A 20% tip is required for Dining shops and 10% tip is required for Take Out.

Special Considerations

In HI, AK or NV?*:

In HI, AK and NV, the law requires shops to be performed by private investigation firms. Any shops performed either of these states are subject to an additional charge of $70.00.

Targeted Demographic

Targeted Demographic [Add $25.00]If you would like to choose a specific demographic to target here then please check this option. Please add your specific demographic to the special notes on your checkout page or email bizdev@aboutfacecorp.com with specific instructions.
Rush Service

Shop occurs within 10 business days [Add $50.00]

Include Customization?:

CUSTOMIZATION: Allows you to create up to five yes/no questions to be added to your evaluation form, giving you the ability to customize the evaluation process to suit your business. These questions are not scored.
Each custom question added to your evaluation costs $2.00.

Q 1:

Enter your first Yes/No custom question here.

Q 2:

Enter your second Yes/No custom question here.

Q 3:

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Q 4:

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Q 5:

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Social Media Links

Social Media:
Add Facebook, Yelp and Instagram [Add $15.00]
SOCIAL MEDIA:If you would like to add your social media links for testing, please check here and enter the details for each link.

An AboutFace Evaluator will visit the company's social media sites to evaluate response time, knowledge, appropriateness of response, and follow up. Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram are included in this fee. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are an extra $5 each.


Facebook is included in the fee.


Instagram is included in the fee.


Yelp is included in the fee.


Add LinkedIn for $5.00 more.


Add Twitter for $5.00 more.


Add YouTube for $5.00 more.

License Agreement

By checking this box, I agree to the Secret Shopping On-Demand License Agreement.

Casual Dining Evaluation